Solutions with impact

Your goals become reality

Leave your outdated routines for inspiring solution spaces. Let your challenges become your learning opportunities. For your professional and personal growth.

To become even better

We provide you with useful tools for profound insights. Combined with your resources, the necessary competencies to reach your goals quickly emerges. In order to grow to an even better version of yourself.

Coaching – your recipe for success

It all comes down to the right ingredients. The individuality of our client determines the ideal coach. Personality and development topic, experience and know-how make the fit. Concern and context then determine the length, form and intensity of the coaching process.

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Business Sparring

Quality time for decision-maker

There is no better time than now!

It’s lonely at the top. In the head of the decision-maker. But moving ideas and acute questions need positive provocation. An exchange at eye level. With a loyal conversation partner. And absolutely honest feedback from a neutral point of view. In the decision-maker dialog, the coach takes time for you. Space for reflection and valuable quality time – away from the daily routine. Intensive exchange and previously unasked questions about the essentials open up new dimensions of insight. And unimagined solution spaces.

Valuable quality time

New ideas need risk-free sparring. Colleagues are only suitable to a limited extent. It is too easy for ideas that have not yet been thought through to the end to get out of control in the company. Advice from family and friends is well-intentioned. But not necessarily good. Quality time is important. To think ideas out loud. Without political risk. With absolutely honest feedback from a neutral perspective. Someone who quickly recognizes organizational contexts. And asks the right questions.

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Coaching in nature

Powerful contexts

Talking is not always enough. Then there is time for even more intensive forms of gaining deeper insights. Because the human being is much more than just his head. Noticeably more impact comes from the targeted interaction of body, mind and soul. In extraordinary contexts. Hiking in the mountains or in the forest, working with horses or sailing on the NAVO yacht KAIROS lead to valuable findings.

Inspiration under sails

Coaching dialog on SY KAIROS

Far from everyday life – full of overwhelming vastness. The inspiring atmosphere on the water creates the most important thing – a clear head. And thus open-mindedness for new things.

Connected with the dynamic harmony of the elements water and air, thoughts start to move. Supported by helpful NAVO impulses, valuable insights arise. Clarity. And effective ideas for goal-oriented actions.

Thoughts in motion

Coaching and hiking

Extremely high workload. Time pressure. Responsibility. Success tempts us to forget ourselves in the hamster wheel of external determination.

To find yourself, we recommend a day of walking with yourself. Accompanied by a competent personal coach to inspire your thoghts. Because nature sharpens perception. Opens new perspectives. Connections become clearer. Essentials are condensed. Walking sets thoughts in motion. Inspiration and power for new solutions.

Horses empower leaders

Coaching with horses

Decision-makers are in the focus. Always. Everywhere. They have power and influence. Open feedback on one’s own leadership effectiveness – not at all.

Horses are herd animals. They need hierarchy to survive. Herd leaders generate acceptance exclusively through presence. That’s why horses are masters at reading body language. And they give immediate feedback. Differentiated and unsparing. A valuable mirror for your own leadership effectiveness through presence.