NAVO Method

Performance by Empowerment

High performance teams deliver. Their actions lead to the results that are expected of them. Or even better. Actions and results are expressions of behavior in a specific context. That’s why we focus with all NAVO Team Empowerment activities on the relations of behavior and context.

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From employees to collaborators

Challenges don’t need employees. They need collaborators. All with the same goal in effective interaction. Utillizing synergies through functional communication for joint success.

Professional team play instead of skillful “cotton ball throwing”

A group of talented professionals is not yet a high-performance team if the forces are only added. Then a group remains a group. A group of individualists. They fall far short of expectations and can’t reach their potential. Conflicts often occur which then unnecessarily steal energy. Ignoring them or talking them up doesn’t help. Throwing cotton balls at each other leads through the harmony trap to nowhere. Colleagues don’t have to become best friends. They have to become reliable team players.

Top management teams work differently

Top management is the lever and impetus. They determine the direction of development and growth throughout the company and the rules of the game. Top management teams are role models. And often shine with assertive members who are used to taking a stand. To give quick answers. And to act. So-called alphas rarely subordinate themselves. Or fall in line.

Top management teams – a contradiction in itself that we resolve with you. For maximum impact at the highest level.

NAVO Team Empowerments

Digital or face-to-face – a team full of specialists or a cross-functional project team – a department or the organization of cross-hierarchical collaboration. Ultimately, it is always about maximum impact in the respective context. That’s why we offer the right team empowerments for each issue.

Team Empowerment Analog


Solution-oriented short-term team consulting for acute team concerns

4 hours


effective strengthening of the team in one day



8 hours


sustainable strengthening of the team for excellent team performance with high impact



1.5 to 3 days


Tailor-made team empowerment package – maximum impact through optimal adaptation of interventions to rapidly changing team contexts

Regularly according to project plan and flexibly situationally for acute concerns

Team Empowerment Online


Solution-oriented short-term team consulting online for acute team concerns

45 minutes to a maximum of 4 hours


effective one-day strengthening of the team online spread over two half days



2 x 4 hours


sustainable strengthening of the team for excellent team performance with high impact in the form of regular online team sessions



monthly 2 – 4 hours

Executive Team Empowerment

Explosive power at the top

Community fosters drive. Through a credible sense of joint action. And the pooling of resources. Setting an example for the entire organization. This makes demanding top management teams many times more effective. And worth their money even more.

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The NAVO Team Tracker is an online tool for regular context-specific team diagnosis throughout the entire team development process. With the help of the Team Tracker, development foci become quickly identifiable and progress in team performance visible.

Team Empowerment Tools - for even faster effect


The method of systemic structural constellation is a highly effective multifunctional tool. To recognize patterns and dynamics. To prevent unwanted interactions at an early stage. And to simulate dynamic processes in the face of complexity – for the right decisions. In a team context, structural constellations are especially helpful for solving conflicts – within teams as well as between teams.

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During team shadowing, NAVO observes the team under everyday conditions in the behaviorally relevant environment. During the shadowing we always stay in the background and give the team a differentiated feedback based on our observations.


The NAVO Bulletin is a detailed, written team diagnosis based on our observations and analysis, either in advance of a team empowerment process or after a team activity. Each NAVO Bulletin contains specific recommendations for the respective leader to further strengthen the team.