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Empowering people
in dynamic relations.

All our consultants work on the basis of the systemic paradigm. Each NAVO consultant is an expert in his field and combines many years of experience with a wide range of reliable methods. For maximum effectiveness and excellence on all levels.


Jürgen Ress - NAVO

Owner of NAVO Consulting with focus on Top Management Consulting, Organisational Change and Executive Coaching.

Oliver Kremers - NAVO

Senior consultant at NAVO Consulting focusing on Organizational Change, Coaching and Business Succession.

Michaela Brugger - NAVO

Senior consultant at NAVO Consulting for Personal Development, Coaching and Mental Health.

Sven Zeising - NAVO

NAVO network partner with focus on Organizational Transformation, Mindfulness, individual and Team Coaching.

Caro Willer - NAVO

Senior consultant at NAVO Consulting for equine assisted Leadership Training and Work Life Balance.

Dieter Vonau - NAVO

Senior consultant at NAVO Consulting with focus on personal development and individual coaching.

Team Empowerment (US)

NAVO Method

Performance by Empowerment

High performance teams deliver. Their actions lead to the results that are expected of them. Or even better. Actions and results are expressions of behavior in a specific context. That’s why we focus with all NAVO Team Empowerment activities on the relations of behavior and context.

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From employees to collaborators

Challenges don’t need employees. They need collaborators. All with the same goal in effective interaction. Utillizing synergies through functional communication for joint success.

Professional team play instead of skillful “cotton ball throwing”

A group of talented professionals is not yet a high-performance team if the forces are only added. Then a group remains a group. A group of individualists. They fall far short of expectations and can’t reach their potential. Conflicts often occur which then unnecessarily steal energy. Ignoring them or talking them up doesn’t help. Throwing cotton balls at each other leads through the harmony trap to nowhere. Colleagues don’t have to become best friends. They have to become reliable team players.

Top management teams work differently

Top management is the lever and impetus. They determine the direction of development and growth throughout the company and the rules of the game. Top management teams are role models. And often shine with assertive members who are used to taking a stand. To give quick answers. And to act. So-called alphas rarely subordinate themselves. Or fall in line.

Top management teams – a contradiction in itself that we resolve with you. For maximum impact at the highest level.

NAVO Team Empowerments

Digital or face-to-face – a team full of specialists or a cross-functional project team – a department or the organization of cross-hierarchical collaboration. Ultimately, it is always about maximum impact in the respective context. That’s why we offer the right team empowerments for each issue.

Team Empowerment Analog


Solution-oriented short-term team consulting for acute team concerns

4 hours


effective strengthening of the team in one day



8 hours


sustainable strengthening of the team for excellent team performance with high impact



1.5 to 3 days


Tailor-made team empowerment package – maximum impact through optimal adaptation of interventions to rapidly changing team contexts

Regularly according to project plan and flexibly situationally for acute concerns

Team Empowerment Online


Solution-oriented short-term team consulting online for acute team concerns

45 minutes to a maximum of 4 hours


effective one-day strengthening of the team online spread over two half days



2 x 4 hours


sustainable strengthening of the team for excellent team performance with high impact in the form of regular online team sessions



monthly 2 – 4 hours

Executive Team Empowerment

Explosive power at the top

Community fosters drive. Through a credible sense of joint action. And the pooling of resources. Setting an example for the entire organization. This makes demanding top management teams many times more effective. And worth their money even more.

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The NAVO Team Tracker is an online tool for regular context-specific team diagnosis throughout the entire team development process. With the help of the Team Tracker, development foci become quickly identifiable and progress in team performance visible.

Team Empowerment Tools - for even faster effect


The method of systemic structural constellation is a highly effective multifunctional tool. To recognize patterns and dynamics. To prevent unwanted interactions at an early stage. And to simulate dynamic processes in the face of complexity – for the right decisions. In a team context, structural constellations are especially helpful for solving conflicts – within teams as well as between teams.

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During team shadowing, NAVO observes the team under everyday conditions in the behaviorally relevant environment. During the shadowing we always stay in the background and give the team a differentiated feedback based on our observations.


The NAVO Bulletin is a detailed, written team diagnosis based on our observations and analysis, either in advance of a team empowerment process or after a team activity. Each NAVO Bulletin contains specific recommendations for the respective leader to further strengthen the team.



NAVO Consulting
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NAVO Consulting
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    Coaching & Business Sparring (US)


    Solutions with impact

    Your goals become reality

    Leave your outdated routines for inspiring solution spaces. Let your challenges become your learning opportunities. For your professional and personal growth.

    To become even better

    We provide you with useful tools for profound insights. Combined with your resources, the necessary competencies to reach your goals quickly emerges. In order to grow to an even better version of yourself.

    Coaching – your recipe for success

    It all comes down to the right ingredients. The individuality of our client determines the ideal coach. Personality and development topic, experience and know-how make the fit. Concern and context then determine the length, form and intensity of the coaching process.

    Coaching Factsheet ...

    Business Sparring

    Quality time for decision-maker

    There is no better time than now!

    It’s lonely at the top. In the head of the decision-maker. But moving ideas and acute questions need positive provocation. An exchange at eye level. With a loyal conversation partner. And absolutely honest feedback from a neutral point of view. In the decision-maker dialog, the coach takes time for you. Space for reflection and valuable quality time – away from the daily routine. Intensive exchange and previously unasked questions about the essentials open up new dimensions of insight. And unimagined solution spaces.

    Valuable quality time

    New ideas need risk-free sparring. Colleagues are only suitable to a limited extent. It is too easy for ideas that have not yet been thought through to the end to get out of control in the company. Advice from family and friends is well-intentioned. But not necessarily good. Quality time is important. To think ideas out loud. Without political risk. With absolutely honest feedback from a neutral perspective. Someone who quickly recognizes organizational contexts. And asks the right questions.

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    Coaching in nature

    Powerful contexts

    Talking is not always enough. Then there is time for even more intensive forms of gaining deeper insights. Because the human being is much more than just his head. Noticeably more impact comes from the targeted interaction of body, mind and soul. In extraordinary contexts. Hiking in the mountains or in the forest, working with horses or sailing on the NAVO yacht KAIROS lead to valuable findings.

    Inspiration under sails

    Coaching dialog on SY KAIROS

    Far from everyday life – full of overwhelming vastness. The inspiring atmosphere on the water creates the most important thing – a clear head. And thus open-mindedness for new things.

    Connected with the dynamic harmony of the elements water and air, thoughts start to move. Supported by helpful NAVO impulses, valuable insights arise. Clarity. And effective ideas for goal-oriented actions.

    Thoughts in motion

    Coaching and hiking

    Extremely high workload. Time pressure. Responsibility. Success tempts us to forget ourselves in the hamster wheel of external determination.

    To find yourself, we recommend a day of walking with yourself. Accompanied by a competent personal coach to inspire your thoghts. Because nature sharpens perception. Opens new perspectives. Connections become clearer. Essentials are condensed. Walking sets thoughts in motion. Inspiration and power for new solutions.

    Horses empower leaders

    Coaching with horses

    Decision-makers are in the focus. Always. Everywhere. They have power and influence. Open feedback on one’s own leadership effectiveness – not at all.

    Horses are herd animals. They need hierarchy to survive. Herd leaders generate acceptance exclusively through presence. That’s why horses are masters at reading body language. And they give immediate feedback. Differentiated and unsparing. A valuable mirror for your own leadership effectiveness through presence.

    Organizational Effectiveness (US)

    NAVO Method

    Organizational Effectiveness

    Every organization follows its own logic of self-control. Consequently, every process for increasing Organizational Effectiveness is unique. That’s why we don’t deliver ready-made formulas. Instead, we provide tailored consulting support in 5 steps. For optimal effect. With great experience. And a lot of passion.

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    From a successful today to a more successful tomorrow

    Today’s success is deceptive. In an ever faster changing environment, it is imperative that an organization moves with the times. Otherwise, the result is stagnation. The opposite of development. Agility seems to be the magic word of the hour. But ‘being agile’ is not enough. Without resonance and purpose, the best methods fail.

    It all depends on relations

    For us, every organization is unique. Successful organizations have high expertise in optimally shaping this uniqueness – so that they generate maximum resonance both internally and externally.

    This meta-competence – to orchestrate one’s own potentials in interaction with the corporate environment in such a way that optimal effectiveness is created – is what we at NAVO call Organizational Effectiveness.

    That is why we at NAVO focus on relations and patterns in dynamic contexts. Strengthen strengths and mirror dysfunctionalities. With your help we develop together highly effective solutions to perceived challenges and concentrate the intelligence and power in your organization for more Organizational Effectiveness.


    Empowering people
    in dynamic relations.

    NAVO Consulting is the consequent systemic management consultancy for transformation and organizational development.

    Our work is guided by an integrated approach focussing on the relation between key elements and forces in the organization. As in any system, it is the co-influence of complex forces that creates the overall dynamic. That is why at NAVO Consulting we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to our client work: there’s no one answer for all organizations. Instead we bundle all relevant forces in your organization in a highly effective way to generate sustainable success and competitive advantage.

    With our proven expertise we empower entire organizations, teams and individuals for more than 20 years.

    Organizational Effectiveness

    Agility and Effectiveness - the systemic NAVO recipe to transform plans into results so that strategy becomes success.



    Coaching & Business Sparring

    NAVO Coaching. Professional and personal growth so that goals become reality.

    NAVO Business Sparring. Decision-maker dialogue at eye level for new dimensions of insight.



    Team Empowerment

    Companies need collaborators.
    With the NAVO team DNA method we make collaboration effective, so that the performance of individuals turns into high performance in a team.



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    Espresso Coaching

    When time is short.
    Hits the mark and works immediately.
    Focused - consistent - solution-oriented.

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